Croatia: Krka to Dubrovnik

Our travels continued and took us to the small sleepy town of Skradin situated at the entrance to the Krka National Park. We stayed at “Guest Accomdation Zura”, a small apartment with an extremely friendly hostess (she hugged and kissed me goodnight). Skradin is a pretty little town with narrowed paved streets, plenty of outdoor cafes and small passageways. We awoke early and set off to catch a ferry to the main attraction – the national park. After not having done any prior research, we landed on our feet as we managed to board the once an hour ferry two minutes before it set off. The ferry ride takes you on a large river surrounded by large hills on both sides and is a beautiful half an hour ride. The part of the national park we visited consisted of a short walking trail viewing the waterfalls and passing through some woodland. We then spent the afternoon swimming at the base of the waterfalls, eating our picnic and soaking up the sunshine before returning to Skradin. We ate at Konoba Dalmatino restaurant in the evening- amazing service, lots of freebies and very friendly staff members. It was deserved of its trip advisor number one spot!

Tip: places to stay in Croatia mainly consist of privately owned guest houses which only accept cash, so make sure you take a lot of Kuna with you or a bank card with a good exchange rate!

The following day we departed Skradin and headed back towards the coast to the historic harbour town of Trogir. The town is situated on a small island between mainland and a larger island called Clovond is a UNESCO world heritage site. There is not a huge amount to do in Trogir, but the architecture is beautiful -Romanesque churches, Baroque buildings, city walls and gates and a fortress. After a wander around, a picnic lunch and a drink in one of the outdoor cafes, we were ready to hit the road.

Random man riding on A roads with a dog on his motorbike…as you do

Our next destination was Split. We travelled along the coastline stopping at little fishing towns to take dips in the sea before reaching our destination. We stayed one night in apartment Onyx and one night in Studios Roza, both lovely apartments situated on a hill about five minutes walk from the city centre and next to a large woodland park. Split is the second largest city in Croatia and is centred on a Roman Palace of the Emporer Diocletian. After exploring the city for a couple of days, we arranged to catch the car ferry to the island of Hvar where we enjoyed a few days R and R before catching the ferry back to the mainland and continuing our journey to Dubrovnik.

Tip:if you catch the ferries bear in mind even though you specify a time when booking this does not guarantee you  and your car a place, so make sure to arrive very early to get your place in the queue! You can always abandon your car in search of coffee and return half an hour before the ferry is due to depart

We handed our car back to the rental agency in Dubrovnik and spent a relaxing few days in “Dubrovnik Apartments” in Lapad. Situated next to the sea, bars and restaurants, it was a lovely place to spend a few days and explore Kings Landing (I.e Dubrovnik Old town). When we were there in late September, there were still crowds, but it was easy to explore the city without feeling like you were in a cattle market. The city walls is definitely a tour worth doing, but I would advise doing this early in the morning or late in the day as otherwise the heat would be unbearable!



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