I’m afraid this is another blog post that doesn’t make such an interesting read as we were mainly doing scenic hikes…but hope you enjoy the photos…..

To avoid a 30 hour bus ride, Phil and I invested in flying between El Calafate and Bariloche. After travelling for most of the day we arrived in Bariloche and made our way to our studio apartment in the centre of town. We had a brief wander that evening to pick up supplies from the supermarket. Bariloche has Germanic style buildings at the heart of town and is sited next to a huge lake.
The following morning we headed to the local tourist office to plan our days in Bariloche. Our first days outing was to do a walk known as “Circuito Chico”. It was a beautiful day and at 20 degrees considerably warmer than we had been used to! The walk took us through lovely wooded areas and to a hidden lake where we admired a spectacular view whilst eating lunch. Towards the end of the circuit we realised there was a large hill known as Llao Llao, so we clambered up the 1000m tall hill along winding paths until we reached the summit with beautiful 360 degree views of the area. The walk was lovely, really peaceful and quiet and the scenery far greener than anything we saw further south. After what we initially intended to be a short walk, we ended up doing a 18km circuit and getting home just before dark ready to eat a lovely steak dinner – which was worth the wait despite hob and oven issues in our kitchenette.


The next morning we hopped on the local bus again to Cerro Catedral – a ski resort in the winter  near to Bariloche. Here we took a small gondala up the mountain and there a chair lift to the top to admire the views over the town. We didn’t stay at the summit for too long due to a bitterly cold wind and my fingers feeling like they were going to drop off! Back at the bottom of the mountain we took another woodland walk along a large lake, viewing a waterfall along the way and stopping for a very late sandwich stop on a pebbled beach.


On our final day we hit a chocolate shop (Bariloche is famous for chocolate in Argentina), wandered through the old town centre, relaxed by the lakeside and enjoyed hot chocolates before heading to the bus terminal mid afternoon to board our coach for our 17 hour ride to the land of Malbec wine

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