Road trip to Uruguay

We got up early to get across the city to the ferry port in Buenos Aires. Our destination, Colonia in Uruguay. We decided thankfully to leave heaps of time, got the subway to as close to the port as we could and jumped into a taxi. Unfortunately for us, the journey came to a complete standstill for over an hour due to the transport union protesting over inflation and creating roadblocks that put the city into gridlock. Great…time was ticking and the ferry company wanted us to be there an hour early to go through immigration. About forty five minutes before departure we suddenly started to move, hurrah, the protestors were letting some of us through! Then our taxi driver drove us to the wrong port! Twenty five minutes to go and we pulled up at the ferry terminal..phew! We made it on board!

On the other side we jumped into our hire car and began our road trip along the coast through Montovideo and onto Punta Del Este – a seaside town that is apparantly  where rich Argentinians go to be seen during summer – so obviously me and Phil fitted in perfectly! It was actually fairly quiet as we are in autumn so after checking into our hotel (yes still hotels at this point) we went into town for some fish, steak and wine.

The following morning we went on a walk around the coastline of the town, having obligatory photos of ourselves with a giant hand in the sand and wandering the port area.

Our receptionist had told us about a wavy bridge nearby that was architecturally amazing, so we hopped into the car to drive to it and investigate. Punta Leonel Vieria bridge actually turned out to be slightly underwhelming and probably the biggest man made road hazard as you can’t see anything over the crest of each bump but we enjoyed the small roller coaster ride! Next stop was a bizarre wavy looking hotel before heading to some towns back along the coast to Colonia for an explore (see photos)

After a day exploring we returned to Colonia where we stayed in a pretty awful hostel with holes in the floor and an uncomfy bed. We took a walk around the pleasant old part of town, had a coffee before heading back for a restless nights sleep and the ferry back to Buenos Aires in the morning.


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