Bye bye Brazil

So sadly it was time to say goodbye to Brazil…from the colour and spirit of Rio to the beaches of Ilhe Grande and Florianopolis,  I’ve met so many amazing people along the way and got to experience the Carnaval vibes! 

So some things I have learnt about Brazil…

1. Knowing portugese would have been very useful

2. Caipirinha cocktails taste even better when made front of you on a beach

3. Acai is the best thing since sliced bread

4. The people know how to party anywhere, anytime

5. The scenery is spectacular

6. Despite the majority of food being overly salty/sweet or bland, they do the BEST nighttime post night out food – meat on a stick, shrimp on a stick, cheese on a stick, hotdogs…

7. Public displays of affection are rife and in your face

8. The people are beautiful and know how to dance, they are also good at banging out a tune on a drum

If you haven’t been, learn some Portugese and make a trip over!


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