Iguazu Falls 

After a 14 hour bus ride to the Brazilian side of Iguazu falls we arrived rather worse for wear and me with swollen feet twice their usual size!!! Honestly..not just because of all the fried/salty/ecessively sweet food here!

We made it to our hostel, (really nice, modern and cheap, but with a page full of rules to read before you could check in). A girl called Sophie had arrived just before us and was also looking to go to the national park that day. After a hamburger sandwich breakfast we boarded the bus to the falls…one word – wow!

The sheer number and size of the waterfalls was incredible and despite the thundering noise of the crashing water, the park was strangely calming. The sheer power of nature in action was incredible and I can definitely see why this is one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. The Brazilian side allowed us an overview of the falls from afar as well as the opportunity to see coatis attacking a tourists backpack for crisps and a whole host of butterflies! After admiring the views and doing the walks available we headed back to the hostel for a healthy salad and smoothie dinner….and to fill up on fruit and veg!

The following morning myself, Erica and Chris and Sophie from the hostel jumped in a cab and crossed the border into Argentina to go to the other side of the national park. It was a scorching day, and as you can get a lot closer to the falls on the Argentinian side, the spray from the waterfall was awelcome relief! The Argentinian side had far more short walking trails to follow and enabled a more close up view of the falls. We opted for a speedboat ride under the falls, stripped off into our bikinis and boarded the boat which took you right upto the falls for photo opportunities before taking you so far under the falls you got drenched and couldn’t see anything t spray. It was only fifteen minutes but definitely worth it and we spent the whole time laughing our heads off – kids at heart! Lunch stop and out came our picnic…unfortunately so did the coatis who despite us shoo-ing, banging and trying to hit away, were so intent on getting salt that they managed to steal our packet of crisps 😦 karma for laughing at the tourists the day before! The falls are incredible….the water looks like sand flowing, puffs blowing out creating a fine mist and there are rainbows galore. It really is a magical place and definitely worth a visit!

After a full day at the Argentinian side of the park myself and Erica parted ways with Chris and Sophie and continued our journey into Argentina….


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