After yet another coach journey I arrive at Florianopolis with Erica….with not much of a clue where we would be heading we jumped onto a local bus in search of a hostel for the night. Fortunately, we met a guy called Jitin on the bus, who being slightly more organised than us had a hostel booked and actually knew where he was going…so we tagged long with him. After getting off the bus, looking slightly lost as to which direction the hostel was in, the loveliest of Brazilian ladies called Marcia offered to help us find our hostel. She started looking at our map and then just decided she would drive us there herself….I already knew I was going to love the place….

After leaving our bags in the hostel we all went out for an explore that evening..got caught in a rain storm, and like teenagers, ended up buying beers in the local supermarket and sitting under its overhang (drinking in the streets in Brazil is legal and done 24hours a day)…as the rain eased off we continued our exploration of the town we were in and found the best burgers in world…literally the size of my head and met two Cypriot guys who we continued to bump into throughout our stay. Once the rain had stopped, we took some drinks and sat on the edge of a huge lake, watching the world go by, enjoying the view and listening to music coming from a nearby parked car…

Day 2 and we decided to explore some of the many beaches Florianopolis had to offer. The weather was boiling but a little overcast and the water freezing, so we decided to go for a walk along a couple of the beaches. We had to dodge hundreds of small crabs who we kept seeing having “crab offs” with each other  and scurrying around our feet. At the end of beach number two we started to realise that there were a lot of naked people walking towards us…ah…a nudist beach….we continued on up to a rocky headland at the end of his beach where we started photographing the view…realised there were copious nudists up there…and were told later that this was a notorious hook up area, so think we probably disturbed and shocked a few people with our cameras!

We stopped off for some lunch, met an English guy called Bob who joined us for a beach bar crawl and entertained us with stories of a therapy commune he had been staying in in the south of Brazil. As the sun started to go down we headed back into town for a shower and change and then out to a portugese restaurant. I had a fish dish poached in a creamy sauce, but as with much of the food here it was tasty but a bit bland and they never serve it with salad or veg. As it was Bob’s last night he treated us all to a round of fizz with dinner before we set off for the local samba club. Initially a little empty and with a slightly out of tune band the evening started off a little slowly, but after a few caipirinhas we were dancing samba like the locals (or so we thought). We even managed to witness all the girls dancing a strange tribal esque dance resemblant of the martial art capoeira which was pretty amazing. We finished the evening with the obligatory meat on a stick and sat at the edge of the lake chatting,

Day 3 and slightly worse for wear we made a long bus ride to the south of the island to hike over a large hill and to a beach only accessible by walking or boat. A very sweaty walk involving climbing over boulders and we finally glimpsed the hidden beach -it had been worth the trek! We took a dip and had some snacks and Malbec wine we’d brought along. The sun started to go down and worried in case we would be trekking back in the dark, we got on a speedboat which then dropped us off after a 100m on a slow passenger esque boat (slow and very wobbly) where we roughed the sea back to the local town and onto the bus home. That evening we went to a Peruvian restaurant with some more friends from the hostel and had drinks on the beach followed by an amazing hotdog at 4.30 in the morning…they all just seem to shut up shop when there are no more people around-great for late night snacks! And that was our last evening in florianopolis, we had a great time but the slightly overcast weather had meant we couldn’t enjoy the lovely beaches quite so much, but as you can tell, we kept ourselves entertained!

Next stop…..iguassu falls!


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