A little piece of paradise

We parted ways with our carnaval friends in Rio and I continued my journey to Ilhe Grande with Jess and Claire. Unforunately for some the journey there by minibus and ferry was less than comfortable due to overconsumption..but I was happy snoozing and enjoying the ride! So my first glimpse of Brazil outside of the city…the greenest place I’ve ever seen! Rolling green hills, cows at pasture interspersed with thick forest like vegetation and amazing purple, red and yellow flowering trees…having thunderstorms on a fairly frequent basis definitely pays off!

Ilhe grande is a fairly large island which pretty much has no cars and you get around by walking, cycling and boat. The small village consists mainly of small tourist shops, restaurants and little dirt tracks and bizarrely lots and lots of creperies! We were staying in a small pousada about three minutes walk to a little beach and as soon as we arrived I took the opportunity to sun myself and cool down! Despite the island being fairly touristic it is largely unspoilt. We went on a day trip to Lopes Mendes beach – Apparantly the seventh most beautiful beach in the world which has white sand that feels like fine flour and sounds like squealing puppies beneath your feet when you walk on it. The waves are pretty big too, which made for fun in the sea! We also took a day trip to go snorkelling and saw some pretty amazing coloured fish, although sadly no turtles. 

Our three night stay was some what tainted by the theft of my mobile phone from our locked private bedroom by the cleaner..the manager did reimburse me 500 reals but bizarrely allowed the cleaner to continue working at the pousada. Re-enforcing our sad view point of “trust no one”….I thought having escaped Rio scot free I was in the clear!  Fortunately the other girls took photos which they shared with me, as the loss of the phone camera was the major annoyance.

Ilhe grande was an amazing pit stop after the craziness of Rio and provided some much needed R and R,…the photos might not do the island full justice but it is definitely my little piece of paradise..


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