Christ the Redeemer and Copacabana beach

We decided to venture up the infamous Corcovado to see the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue that sits on top and overlooks Rio (by mini van of course…not hiking in 36 degree hot sun!). After a bit of a delay in getting started (meeting people without functioning mobile phones makes me wonder how we all coped before them), we started off on our mini van trip. The mini van takes you up a narrow winding path through thick vegetation with great views along the way…not a journey for those prone to travel sickness though!

We made it to the top after a few hairy moments, climbed some short flights of steps and arrived…completed in 1931, the statue is 38 metres high including its pedestal and he has an arm span of 28metres…so pretty massive! It is hugely impressive, but sadly as with any monument…a few hundred people were also thinking this at the same time as us! I took an obligatory high fiving Christ picture and we took a selfie and then admired the stunning 360 degree views over Rio…it was slightly hazy but none the less spectacular.

Attractively doused in sweat we ventured back down the mountain by mini van and hit Copacabana beach for some lunch. In Rio, pay per kg of food buffets are quite common and are actually a lot cheaper a way of eating here, particularly if you are eating salads. They even have pay per kg sushi places…heaven! We then crossed the road to the beach for a swim, a beer and an afternoon nap. Copacabana beach is a little more touristic then Ipanema, a lot larger and the water less clear but is still lovely.

As the sun set over Copacabana we sat on the beach soaking up the party atmosphere that begins late afternoon and continues late into the night…life couldn’t be better…



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