Lapa is sort of the East London of Rio with loads of amazing graffiti, street music and the most amazing mosaic steps (Escadaria Selaron). The mosaic steps were made by a Chilean artist and sum up Rio’s vibrant bohemian culture in this area. I went with Otto and Richard a Chilean couple and Morgane a French girl. We couldn’t resist taking some more unusual photos on the steps much to the amusement of the locals- especially when Morgane performed a handstand in a dress and got a round of applause from the Brazilians and even a present of a picture of the steps! Apparantly the steps are not really that safe for tourists but we had no problem during the daytime and even had a chance to dance in the street where an impromptu daytime party had begun.

By night Lapa has lots of bars and live samba bands playing. Rio definitely has a party vibe, and small carts line the streets selling alcohol, random musicians start playing samba music and the whole streets come alive with dancing and singing!

On Saturday evening We ventured to the sambodromo, where the winners of last years carnaval parade were performing and entry was fee. The atmosphere was electric, the crowds were singing along to the music, huge flags were waved, and all the crowd were shaking and dancing samba . We have tickets to the finale of the carnaval show at the sambadrome on Monday night and judging from my taster it is set to be an amazing night full of colour, dancing and bum shaking!



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