First impressions of Rio!

I arrived in Rio amid the most amazing lightning storm I have ever seen and checked in to my “boutique hotel” with 180 degree views over the city. Waking up to see a panoramic view of the city including the iconic sugar loaf mountain and Christ the redeemer statue isn’t a bad way to start the day! After a day relaxing by the pool and enjoying the lifestyle of luxury (I.e own room and bathroom), I moved into the heart of the city to the Easygoing hostel in Catete.

Thankfully I was the only person in my room at first so could pick the bottom bunk of the three storey bunk beds! The hostel owner, Natalia a lovely Brazilian girl and all the other staff were really friendly and welcoming and even cooked us all some food that night! The hostel seemed to largely fill with Chileans and Argentinians, some of which spoke great English and some of which we had elaborate games of charades, much to the amusement of the rest of the hostel. I have come to realise that knowing no real Portuguese is not going to get me very far and I definitely need to do a crash language course as a lot of the locals don’t know any English at all and don’t seem to understand my stuttering spanish either.

Rio is a really interesting city, it has a slightly weathered and aged appearance which just adds to its charms – streets have amazing graffiti, lovely old buildings and there are plenty of white sand beaches running alongside the coastline of the city…oh and of course spectacular views..probably the most scenic city I have ever visited.

So exploring the city begun….



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